Bennett Plumbing & Civil Projects

Some of our recent and larger scale projects are listed below. We undertake all types and sizes of Commercial Projects and specialize in all earthworks , drainage and stormwater work, with the additional functionality of being SAWater and DPTI approved contractors.

  • Goolwa Waste Transfer station

    • Project Lead: BluBuilt
    • Project Value: $10m
    • Construction Period: March 2017-February 2018

    Installation of stormwater pipes and pits , road construction , extensive comms and power , building pads and a retention pond

  • Golden Grove Helping Hand

    • Project Lead: Kennett Builders
    • Project Value: $1m
    • Construction Period: Started August 2017

    Bulk earthworks Stage 1 and temporary works to suit. Detailed excavation to level and tolerance specification

  • Premier Ridge

    • Project Lead: GC and J Construction
    • Project Value: $ 1.7 M
    • Construction Period: Started March 2017

    Large earthworks job to remove 20 000 m3 of spoil for basement works. Extensive stormwater system and pumpstations.

  • Port Wakefield Gun Shelter

    • Project Lead: St Hilliers
    • Project Value: $3m
    • Construction Period: Started October 2017

    Civil works for the creation of a new gun shelter. Turned in to a design and construct job. Plans were so incredibly incorrect they were scrapped from day one.

  • Southern Expressway Duplication

    • Project Lead: DPTI
    • Project Value: $400m
    • Construction Period: 2012 - 2014

    The Southern Expressway Duplication project transformed the one-way reversible expressway into an 18.5 kilometre multi-lane, two-way expressway between Bedford Park and Old Noarlunga.

    Bennett Plumbing & Civil were contracted to supply and install storm water infastructure on the site. The work we undertook included the installation of large diameter pipes, large collection pits for storm water runoff, sub-soil drainage to counteract movement of water under the new road, and overflow detention basins including pipework, puts and stone pitching (rock protection).

  • Minda "Master Plan" Development

    • Project Lead: Minda Inc
    • Project Value: $200m
    • Construction Period: 2013 -

    The Minda Master Plan is a $200m development of the existing site into a new high quality, integrated, affordable and sustainable suburban village.

    We have been contracted to provide the storm water, SA Water sewer mains and water mains, recycled mains water as well as communication pipes and pits.

  • Memorial Drive

    • Project Lead: Kennett builders
    • Project Value: $2mill
    • Construction Period: 2018

    Bennett's are doing bulk earthworks and stormwater for a large number of ITF standard tennis courts.