June Blog update

Hung parliament, end of financial year, fresh budgets . It’s all happening.

Have the anti-climactic events of the election affected any body. Who is better for business. I am not sure on that one. Will it affect the bottom line?

Along with the end of financial year it’s probably a good time to summarise business activities as a whole and look at what direction your business has taken in the last year and also where you expect it to go in the next. If something isn’t working, let it go. If it is however, capitalise on what you do well , and look at what else can be done.

Does your business rely on one thing in particular, maybe spread your wings, evolve, move with the times. Create another product outlet, find a new customer or a different kind of customer. Do something different, offer what your competitor does not. Not to mention personalised service (my favourite). But whatever you do, show some passion , do it with a smile. People will notice that.

I’m also seeing a turn around from client’s who are no longer happy with the cheapest tender. They have decided for themselves the cheapest doesn’t always present itself as they had wished. They are looking to engage a contractor who actually cares about and understands fully the job at hand.

Following a successful union with Kennett Builders at Noarlunga Ambulance Station, Bennett Plumbing and Civil have again been chosen to represent Kennetts at the Playford Sports Precint which consists of over 20 tennis courts and a substantial clubhouse with work having already commenced.

Some other larger jobs are winding up for us as we speak , so looking forward to whatever comes our way next.

That’s a hint to all you land developers out there, speak to me,

See you next month if not before  🙂

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