May it is!!!

May it is!!!

I said I’d be topical in this Blog , so here we go. Modernisation of construction.                                                        Nothing’s changed for so long or has it? Nothing’s going to change or will it?

Who’s using technology , we are! We now have our own total station for set out . We simply upload the 3d file from the engineer and away we go.  GPS enabled machinery and smart phones. It’s all happening. Smart phone apps that geo-fence (detect where people are) and automatically update timesheets based on proximity. We may only dig holes but we are doing it smarter.

How are people going with their construction management software, I’d love to know. Who’s utilising BIM. What’s the best estimating software?

What are the fundamental trends that work ? Would appreciate some feedback.

Did I hear someone say 3D printer?


Anyway, really enjoyed the Darlington Upgrade Industry Briefing on wednesday at the South Adelaide Football Club.

The ICN Gateway team were awesome. Breakfast was good, my second breakfast for the day. Caught up with some old friends from previous collaborations and generally had a good time. I like the way things are going.

This project will be good for the southerners and I’m sure Bennett Plumbing and Civil will get a good share of it based on our successes at the T2T.

When we have finished at Darlington our next southern project can be another duplication…………………………………

Of what I hear you say.

Let’s put a road across the Onkaparinga River right next to the rail bridge like we should have done in the first place and turned the railway station into the southern connector of sorts and then another bridge from behind the old meatworks straight into Mclaren Vale. If a politician could see past the end of their nose………………………………

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