Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming!

Hey everybody, our first blog.

Blogging, online presence, social platform. What does it all mean? Who knows? After all we’re plumbers and civil contractors. Instead of writing this blog I should be costing work. I’ve been told a blog will increase our search engine optimisation , among other things. I assume this helps people find us.

So anyway, my intention is to keep everyone up to date with our work. We’ve got a lot going on.

Bigger jobs include stormwater at the Colonnades precint , which is indefinitely ongoing. Another big job is Kalyra Village which involves plumbing and hydraulics for 14 townhouses.

Other jobs include a number of Reece stores, Southgate Holden and everyone’s favourite watermain at Mt Barker.

We have some smallish subdivisions in the pipeline and a lengthy rising main coming our way.Possibly a major earthworks job. So a healthy workload, but we won’t stop pricing. Estimating queries go to Paul Mitchell

As the title suggests , Christmas is coming. good luck getting everything done in time. It would appear that in the new year local civil operators should be kept busy with a number of major projects coming online. I hope the flow of work continues and provide’s some  consistency for the industry.


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